If you identify as a cis, straight, dyadic (non-intersex) man, please respect that this space is not for you - we can recommend any other travel app!






The filters we have in place perhaps don’t suit or fit everyone and that is OK! You aren’t a bad person for not identifying with them or using them - these are only for those who need them.

When using the filters - think “do I identify with this?” i.e. if you click “Trans Only” then you identify with being transgender. If you are cisgender but support transgender people - that’s great! But please don’t click on this filter as this is purely for transgender people to find each other and each other only.

Likewise, for BIPOC Only (Black, Indigenous, People of Colour), neurodiverse, SW Friendly (s** w*rk friendly), Queer, Intersex, GNC (gender non-conforming) etc. - please only click on the filter if it applies to you, even if you have good intentions. “I might not be ___ but I support ___ and would want to host them!” Of course! We know that the people on our platform are some of the most inclusive in the world - but let the people you support actively choose you.

You can only be warm, inviting and honest - which means click only on the filters that apply to you and write how open you are in your description instead!

We created these guidelines with good intentions but we also will make mistakes. If you feel something else should be added here or that we expressed something badly, please let us know at We really appreciate feedback!